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1. What is required of me to receive medication from Budding Hope?

You are required to submit, for your personal file, a copy/image of your Dept. of Health - MCP permit card and a clear copy/image of a photo ID along with Budding Hope's initial patient registration form and HIPAA Release form. Please allow a short processing period to verify eligibility with the Dept. of Health - MCP. Upon verification, your will become a member of Budding Hope. We will act in your best interest and move as quickly as possible while remaining in compliance with the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Act.

2. Do I have to register?


3. How do I register?

Registrations for membership are accepted by email, online (pending 24-48 hour approval), or inside our Hobbs and Clovis offices. Please view and complete the registration forms included. We at Budding Hope realize that not every patient has internet access. In that spirit, we accept applications for membership by snail mail as well as emailed scans of documents. Please allow processing time to verify eligibility with the Dept. of Health - MCP. You may then place an order.

4. What is required of me to become a Budding Hope Member?

Upon completion and verification of the initial registration packet (HIPAA Consent Form/Registration Form), you will become a member of Budding Hope. Membership constitutes the right to order and receive medical cannabis within the limits of regulation set forth by the Dept. of Health - MCP. As a member of Budding Hope, you are required to notify Budding Hope of any changes in your program status.

5. Do I have to order online?

No. We accept phone orders - being the most popular. Online purchases will be the most efficient, followed by phone. You may also make a purchase inside our Clovis or Hobbs dispensaries.

6. Where will you deliver?

We deliver solely in the state of New Mexico. We do not deliver to airports, public parks, or any federal establishment. We will deliver to your home, to a established pickup location, or a designated caregiver as per your registration packet. Due to the nature of medical cannabis and the heightened security measures we are required to maintain- We do not allow multiple delivery addresses. If the situation arises where you have moved, please notify of new address and await confirmation.

7. What are the general procedures to order from Budding Hope?

Only members of Budding Hope can place an order. Orders may be placed inside our Hobbs and Clovis dispensaries and by phone or online. Please view our online catalog for product selection. Once an order is placed, it gets filled and set aside. When the next delivery comes around, you should be notified by email or phone. Driver will call prior to delivery. One Signature and a flash of your card completes the order.

8. I would like to pickup my medication. Can I do that?

Yes you can. Please let someone know that you are wishing to pickup.

9. What forms of payment do you accept?

At present, we only accept payment prior or at delivery. Payment can be made by phone or in person. Forms of payment may include as follows:

Money Order

In regard to payment, Budding Hope will never solicit or contact you without prior purchase initiated by you. Please expect communication through email, or phone within a reasonable amount of time after an order is placed. Beware of scammers, spammers, and malicious fraud. You can always call us to verify any communications you receive.

10. How are my medications grown?

All cannabis and other produce grown by Budding Hope are strictly organically cultivated using the highest and best technology available. We have expertise in large scale commercial greenhouse operation and production. We are not growing in the closet. We are not growing under the bed or in a sock drawer. We at Budding Hope consider the cultivation of medical cannabis a legitimate humanitarian effort to serve patient needs in the highest capacity possible. We grow hydroponically. We grow in soils. We grow indoors under the highest quality and appropriate artificial lights as well as under the natural sun in the cleanest of greenhouse controlled conditions. We utilize methods ranging from sea of green to the largest of outdoor plants under extreme security.

11. Will there be a set member limit?

We currently have no immediate plans to limit membership. As program and patient count grow, we reserve the right to limit membership to adequately serve patient needs.

12. How much is delivery?

Due to the rural nature of New Mexico and the location of Budding Hope, delivery charges will be assessed in some areas in the form of a statewide flat fee of 20.00. We have found that this is the best way to deliver statewide. There will be no delivery charge in certain heavily populated areas such as Clovis/Portales and Albq/RR. Please call to find out information about your area.

13. What are your prices?

Budding Hope is committed to the production of the highest quality medical cannabis flowers regardless of size. If lower plant flowers do not meet our strict quality control standards, they will be pulverized and made into various other concentrated cannabis products such as cannabutter, tinctures, flour, and other edibles. Prices for raw cannabis will be on a strain by strain basis at a rate ranging anywhere from 80 per ounce to 360 per ounce which would equate to about $8-$14 per gram.

14. What strains do you offer?

We are always cultivating new strains. Register to get the newsletter! Our intent is to produce the highest quality medical cannabis to serve patient needs. We are here to SERVE you. If you have specific needs both medical and personal please let us know and we will grow it out for you.

15. How much can I order?

In accordance with MCP guidelines, please refer to the Rules and Regulations specifically regarding quantity and frequency of purchases as they may change.

16. Do you offer financial assistance?

We at Budding Hope understand the current condition in which patients do not receive insurance coverage, VA, Medicare, Medicaid assistance for the purchase of medical cannabis. We feel that this is unjust. In lieu of the current situation, we may be able to assist. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We at Budding Hope individually desire to provide assistance based on need for our patient membership and the MCP in general. Budding Hope is very actively working on a financial assistance program tailored to patients who are homeless, unemployed, unable to work, or otherwise experiencing extreme economic hardships. Budding Hope are sympathetic to these plights. Budding Hope’s intent is to maximize our assistance program to its fullest potential. We are dedicated to serving patient needs.

17. Are you hiring?

Yes! - to a limited extent. Budding Hope is hiring qualified individuals to assist in providing for patient needs as described in the described in the DOH - MCP. You must be able to pass a UA. You must be able to pass a state background check. You must be able to pass a Federal FBI background check. You must possess a current HIPAA certificate. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

18. What are the major obstacles/issues associated with producing and delivering medical cannabis?

Where to start???

- Security
     - safety for patients and employees
     - rippers

- expense of 
     - surveillance
     - bookkeeping
     - physical deterrence
     - confidentiality of site
     - alarms
     - legal representation
     - DOH-MCP guidelines

- Illicit Trade

     - The illicit trade of cannabis has cost our society a great amount in terms of human suffering in the forms of imprisonment, inaccessibility for use for medical purposes and the lack of adequate research in the areas of the undiscovered obvious and overwhelming medical possibilities of cannabis. We as a society can no longer overlook this natural medicine while relying on chemical substitutes from various pharmaceuticals. 

     - Currently, the illicit trade and legalized production in New Mexico has resulted of the obvious inflated costs of your medication. Even at that, Medical Cannabis offers a reasonable alternative to prescription drugs that are unsafe and hazardous to your well being. Until the removal of cannabis from Schedule I drug status, reasonable and rational drug policy is adopted federally, more producers are licensed, the federal stance on taxation on medical production and distribution facilities are agreed upon, market prices cannot be easily reduced. 

- Distribution

     - As the NMCP grows in economic stature, new entrepreneurs will fill the void and begin to deliver cannabis statewide which in itself will lessen cost. Currently NM licensed producers are charged with the responsibility of solving the issues of change in custody of medical cannabis and a professionalized distribution system.

- Sophistication of cannabis as medicine

     - Genetic selection

          - We at Budding Hope are striving to allocate and produce the finest quality individual plants.

     - Organic cultivation
     - zero pesticides
     - no chemical nutrients
     - high grade pest and contaminate free environments
     - Individual strain requirements
          - sativa
          - indica
          - sativa/indica
    - conditional selections
    - quality control standards

Green Ribbon BX, Christmas Cookies, Super Lemon OG, Ghost Train Haze #1, Ghost Train Haze #2, Cookies N Cream, Kimbo Kush, Black Eyed Katy, Lemon Wheel, Pecos River Sage, Platinum Ribbon, Camel Walk Kush, Alien OG, Dinachem, King Tut, Blue Cheese, Durban Poison, Vanilla Kush, VC/DC, Afghani, Raspberry Cough, Sativa Cookies

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