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Thank You for inquiring about Budding Hope. In 2010, Budding Hope was the 6th producer approved by the New Mexico Department of Health to produce medical cannabis. While the program has changed significantly since then, our mission to produce quality medical cannabis for Eastern New Mexico has stayed the same.

In 2014, we chose to open a store in Clovis. In 2016, we opened another location to better serve the Hobbs area. We plan to open another location in Portales by Jan 2017 to better solve the issue of access.

While the demand currently is extremely high, we have taken steps to improve quantity and selection. While we simply cannot meet the needs of the entire state of New Mexico, we are putting in the effort required to adequately serve portions of the state that we have traditionally served since our inception in 2010. We look forward to working on our goal of improving the access and selection in these underserved areas.

To purchase from Budding Hope, you must first register over the phone or at Budding Hope dispensaries. To register, all you need is your current valid cannabis card and your photo ID or passport. For those who do not live in the areas of Hobbs or Clovis, we do offer FREE delivery to outlying areas.  

Thank you,

Budding Hope Staff

Green Ribbon BX, Christmas Cookies, Super Lemon OG, Ghost Train Haze #1, Ghost Train Haze #2, Cookies N Cream, Kimbo Kush, Black Eyed Katy, Lemon Wheel, Pecos River Sage, Platinum Ribbon, Camel Walk Kush, Alien OG, Dinachem, King Tut, Blue Cheese, Durban Poison, Vanilla Kush, VC/DC, Afghani, Raspberry Cough, Sativa Cookies

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